Audiobook Online – Anne of Green Gables By Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery was a Candian author of the early 20th century. She is known for her subject novel. Anne of Green Gables that became an instant success right after its release. It is still loved by the audience of today and got new life when it became available in audio format. The book is chapter 1 of the series with the same title as this one, Anne of Green Gables. Anne of Avonlea is another exciting book from the author that you must check out for a joyous literary experience for the younger audience.

Rachel McAdams did the narration of this novel and her voice made this book sound great which the audience adored to the maximum as well.

When the aging sister and brother Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert decided to go for adopting an orphan kid for helping around their farm then things changed all of a sudden. Neither of them was actually prepared for the imaginative and feisty redhead girl who is brought to them mistakenly instead.

 Both of them were also not ready for the way in which she would alter their lives. It was all happening at the Green Gables on the picturesque Prince Edward Island. The uncompromising spirit of Anne makes her up for a striking presence in the village where people all closely knitted together. A series of hilarious events and adventures is waiting ahead for the audience.

Anne of Green Gables makes a fantastic read for the children. The most exciting part of this audiobook is that it is available for free on audible. You have every excuse to invest your time in this gripping tale that is backed with strong characters and a wonderful storyline.