Audiobook Online _ Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude By Napoleon Hill

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude is a self-help, business, and career book authored by Napoleon Hill. Hill is a controversial figure in modern times, but his fame is unquestionable as a motivator of the masses. His book Think and Grow Rich is one of the most sold self-help books of all time. He is also the author of Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil which was published decades after he had passed away.

This timeless book is narrated by the wonderful voice of David White. David is all business for this narration. His words are understandable and he keeps a solid pace throughout.

This book proposes that anyone with the right attitude can achieve whatever they want in life. It is not about chance or luck, but it is the luck that you make for yourself by your determination and focus.

There are questions that everybody thinks about. What does one stand for in life? Is there any meaning to the position one holds? Well, the book claims to have the answers. The mind is like an invisible talisman. One side of it has the letters PMA and the other side has the letters NMA. They stand for positive mental attitude and negative mental attitude respectively. The positive side will bring you the good things in life, while the negative side holds nothing but disaster and despair. Ultimately, it is on us how we end up using our minds.

This is no story rather it is a way to live your life. It not only teaches us the positive aspects of life but also makes us wary of the shortcomings in life. A person will inevitably struggle in life. But, we must keep our chin up in all circumstances. The book is also rich with numerous Bible references.

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