Audiobook Online 2020: A Time for Mercy By John Grisham

 John Grisham has multiple dimensions in his professional career. He is a renowned attorney, activist, politician, and novelist as well. Jake Brigance is his best-known mystery thriller series and A Time for Mercy is the 3rd chapter of Jake Brigance’s saga. The author has quite a few other popular novels that deserve your attention as a lover of mystery thrillers. A couple of popular and worth reading novels from the novelist are The Guardians and A Time to Kill.

Michael Beck has done the narration of this chapter who has partnered with John Grisham in many of his other novels. The partnership worked once again as Michael managed to produce quite a powerful performance with his soulful voice.

Jake Brigance, your well-known character of the legal mystery thriller of John Grisham is back. He is an appointed lawyer by the court for a young man, Drew Gamble who was accused of killing a local deputy. A good number of citizens were looking to have a quick trial and the justice should not be less than a death sentence. But, Brigance had some other opinion. Once he thoroughly learns all the minute details of the case, he realizes that he must go all the way to save Drew from the allegations of murder, which he hasn’t committed. His commitment to the truth put his career and the safety of his family’s life at grave risk.

The novel tells a great thrilling story. The Jake Brigance protagonist in this novel is seen at the core of a dramatic murder trial. The case was so strong that it divided the residents of Clanton, Mississippi very bitterly.

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