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Just as I Am is a memoir written by Cicely Tyson and Michelle Burford. Cicely hadn’t only succeeded as an actor, in her long and extraordinary career, she managed to shape the course of history. Cicely has no other books to her name. You can try Finding Me from Michelle. Michelle has also contributed to On My Own Two Feet.

The audiobook is narrated by Cicely along with Viola Davis and Robin Miles. This profound story about an American icon is perfectly narrated. It is great to hear the story in their voices.

This book is Cicely’s truth, plain and untarnished, with all the garland and glitter set aside. She was the actress who had been blessed to grace the stage and screen for almost six decades. In that period, she was a household name in America.

Yet, she was also the church girl who rarely spoke a word. She was the teenager who sought comfort in the verses of the old hymn after which this book is named. She was also a daughter, a mother, a sister, and a friend. She was a keen observer of nature and dreamt audacious dreams. She was a child guided by God’s hand, she was hurt as immeasurably as she was loved. Finally, in her ninth decade, Cicely has something to say to us.

Cicely has graced us with her hard-won wisdom and secrets to success. It takes us on the journey of a lifetime, revisiting her youth and how she mastered her craft as she forged a career as a legendary actress whose worked transcended the boundaries of time. It was a time rife with limitations and racism, thus, she became a beacon of hope for people who came after her.

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