Absalom, Absalom! (Online Free Audiobook) By William Faulkner

Thomas Sutpen and his wild dreams are discussed in the novel by William Faulkner in an indirect way as the story is being told by other people in the novel. A technique of flashbacks is adopted in the novel which became famous in the eighteenth century.


Thomas Sutpen is described as a person who has everything in his life and all he needed after that was an heir to his throne. It was his heirs who made him go down on his knees in the later stage of the novel. Sutpen came to Mississippi for a business purpose, he bought almost a hundred acre of land and started cultivating it with the aid of his large list of slaves and the men he hired. Everything went well and as he started to grow stronger in the area he decided that it was time for him to get married. 

The man wanted a wife, not for the company, rather he needed one who could give birth to a lot of children for him. Successfully getting the hand of the merchant’s daughter was another triumph for him. Thomas’ wife gave birth to two children i.e Henry and Judith, who completed the dreams of their father to perfection.

 As the son grew up he decided to go to the city for education purposes. In the city, Henry meets Charles and they become friends quite quickly, later Charles comes with Henry to their house and falls in love with the only girl in the house. Thomas does not like the marriage proposal for his daughter because only he knows that Charles is also his son. 

Things go wild and Henry kills Charles in the process, Thomas loses both his sons at the same single moment. Then Thomas decides to marry once again and demands from his future wife a son before their marriage which makes her feel bizarre.

 In a nutshell, everything gets destroyed as we saw in As I Lay Dying and The Sound and the Fury at the end. Grover Gardner has used a great tone for the narration of the novel. The tone is serious but at the same time, it is not very tragic that would try to make Thomas a tragic hero in the end.    

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